Professional Development – conferences, meetups, and events


  • Participated in Gift of Code
  • Participated in Hacktoberfest
  • Attended RazerCon
  • Attended Twilio Signal Conference
  • Attended Microsoft Ignite
  • Attended PyCon Virtual
  • Attended Live Coders Conference
  • Attended Ruby Conf AU
  • Attended Sustain Submmit
  • Attended ChaosCon
  • Attended FOSDEM Belgium


  • Attended Sunrise Startup Conference
  • Attended DDD Sydney
  • Attended Women in Security Conference
  • Guest attendee Global iAwards Gala Dinner
  • Guest attendee Global Tech Leaders Reception
  • Attended Write/Speak/Code
  • Attended DevOps World
  • Attended DDD Melbourne
  • Attended Melbourne Entrepreneuirship Gala
  • Attended IndieConf
  • Attended Launch Festival
  • Attended GitHub Satellite viewing
  • Attended Melbourne Knowledge Week
    • MAP Launch Night
    • Applied Technology Panel
    • Connectivity and the Future of Transport
  • Attended Microsoft IoT Meetup
  • Attended Creative Innovation Summit
  • Attended International Women’s Day celebrations
  • Attended Founders Stories and showcases Melbourne hardware
  • Attended Female Founder Connection
  • Attended One Quantum Leap Launch


  • Attended Startup Grind APAC Conference
  • Attended Melbourne Connect Precinct Launch
  • Attended Scale Investors Launch Breakfast
  • Attended iAwards Gala Dinner
  • Attended Above All Human
  • Attended CommBank Innovation Lab Launch
  • Attended Vic Innovation Hub Launch Evening
  • Attended FinTech EOFY Event
  • Attended Melbourne Hardware Meetup
  • Attended Girl Geek Academy + Microsoft AI Breakfast
  • Attended The Melbourne Accelerator Program Launch
  • Attended That Startup Show Launch
  • Attended Twitch Melbourne Meetup


  • Attended Pivot Summit
  • Attended #SheHacks showcase
  • Winner National iAwards
  • Merit Recipient Victorian iAwards
  • Attended IoT Festival Conference
  • Attended Phoria – Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and the Future
  • Attended National Manufacturing Week
  • Attended Melbourne Knowledge Week’s Victorian Startup Ecosystem, ThoughtLAB-14, Scaling Your Startup, The Power of Technology, Date Night with a Leader
  • Tour Guide Entrepreneur’s Stanford Breakfast 
  • Attended Connect Expo
  • Attended ResBaz Conference
  • Attended Smart Cities Collaboration Breakfast
  • Attended Bayreuth Entrepreneurship Dinner
  • Attended Alibaba Meetup
  • Member Florence Guild
  • Attended Techstars Corporate Luncheon


    • Attended YeahNah Summit
    • Attended MUR Motorsports Launch Night
    • Attended AutoDesk Industry Night
    • Attended Engineering Design Expo
    • Attended DevOps Tooling Workshop
    • Organiser NVIDIA GTCx Conference
    • Attended VR Masterclass
    • Attendee Data Innovation and Leadership dinner (Ormond College)
    • Attended Women in Science & Engineering networking night
    • Attended Design100 Conference
    • Attended Code in the Cinema
    • Attended PyCon 
    • World Finalist Microsoft Imagine Cup Challenge
    • Attended City of Melbourne Smart Cities workshop
    • Finalist Tel Aviv Startup Competition
    • Attended Data Science Deep Learning evening
    • Attended NVIDIA Deep Learning Workshop
    • Attended Women in STEM launch with Prime Minister
    • Attended Newman College Forum Dinner – Why Shakespeare still matters
    • Attended/co-organiser Melbourne Knowledge Week
    • Winner Microsoft National Innovation Prize
    • World Semi-Finalist Microsoft Imagine Cup Challenge
    • Attended Smart Cities Expo/Summit
    • Attended CISSA IT Networking Evening
    • Attended LunarMissionOne David Irons lecture
    • Attended Innovation and the Provision of Government Luncheon
    • Attended Graduate Careers Fair
    • Co-organiser Future Melbourne 2026 conversation
    • Attended NVIDIA MASSIVE Launch
    • Attended PauseFest 2016
    • Attended Tools and Tech Luncheon
    • Attended PreFab Australia Launch
    • Attended Female Founders Meetup
    • Attended Aglie Product Owners and Business Analysts Meetup


    • Attended That Startup Show Tour Melbourne
    • Attended ZenDesk store opening
    • Attended LaunchVic Launch
    • Attended AutoDesk Industry breakfast
    • Co-organised Moral Fairground Ethical Enterprise Launch
    • Co-organised MUR Motorsports Launch

      Unveiling the MUR Motorsports car (fun fact, I was the first one in it!!!)
      Unveiling the MUR Motorsports car (fun fact, I was the first one in it!!!)
    • Co-organised TEDxMelbourne Future Melbourne talk
    • Attended Endeavour Design Expo
    • Co-organised Back to the Future ThoughtLAB-14
    • Co-organised Dead Dirt ThoughtLAB-14
    • Co-organised Health Hack Showcase
    • Attended Professional Staff Development Conference
    • Attended Venture Capital and Pitching MAP Masterclass
    • Co-organised Startup Funding Wade Institute Masterclass
    • Attended Elliot Costello’s Innovative Solutions to Poverty The Compass Masterclass
    • Attended Startup Velocity I 
    • Co-organised Michael-John Gorman’s DICE Lecture on Crucibles of Creativity
    • Attended MedTech Meetup
    • Attended Microsoft Meetup
    • Attended Convergence Science Network’s Opening the Vault series with Dr Amanda Barnard
    • Co-organised CAINZ Entrepreneurial Panel
    • Co-organised FinTech Meetup – The Great Bitcoin Debate
    • Co-organised Philip Ball’s DICE Lecture on Invisibility
    • Co-organised Baby it’s hot outside ThoughtLAB-14
    • Co-organised From Conflict to Collaboration Panel
    • Co-organised Think, Eat, Talk, Grow Panel


Supporting ACSA's annual rugby match
Supporting ACSA’s annual rugby match
    • Attended intercollegiate networking night
    • Attended Associate Professor Juan Collar’s The Hunt for Dark Matter seminar
    • Attended Internships and Experience Fair
    • Attended ACSA (Australian Catholic Student’s Association)’s annual Conference
    • Attended Graduate Careers Fair
    • Attended Engineering Career’s Expo
    • Attended Professor Ian William’s A Journey to a Just and Fairer Society seminar
    • Attended Melbourne alumni’s Perspective Careers – Communications and Advertising seminar
    • Head of IT and Publications for ACSA
    • IT representative for Newman College


    • 1394040_10151985270964769_1285615822_n
      Dragon’s Den Presentations

      Dragon’s Den Social Entrepreneurship business competition participant

    • Attended Endeavour Design Expo
    • Attended Marina Warner’s How the Humanities Can Save Your Life: History, Art and Literature  seminar
    • Attended Internships and Experience Fair
    • Attended ACSA’s annual Conference
    • Attended 21st Century Financial Education Summit
    • Attended Professor Peter McPhee’s The Artworks of Jacques-Louis David during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Empire seminar
    • Attended Engineering Career’s Expo
    • Attended Microsoft Partner’s Summit
    • Attended Graduate Careers Fair
    • Head of IT and Publications  for ACSA
    • IT representative for Newman College


    • Attended Endeavour Design Expo
    • Attended Professor Miles Lewis’ Mesopotamian Myth and Reality seminar
    • Attended Employment Experience Fair
    • Attended Melbourne University Chemical Engineering Student’s Society’s Industry Night
    • Attended ACSA annual Conference
    • Attended Youth Political Activist Conference
    • Attended Engineering Career’s Expo
    • Speaker at Student Programs Forum T&O
    • Attended Career’s Fair
    • Attended Australian Life and Family Conference
    • Head of IT and Publications  for ACSA
    • IT representative for Newman College


    • Attended Professor Dame Higgins’ Frontiers in Chemistry – Polymers and Neutron Scattering
    • Newman College Student’s Club Award
    • Attended Dr Peter Wothers’ Frontiers in Chemistry: Just Add Water presentation
    • Attended EWB Sustainable Humanitarian Engineering presentation
    • Attended Facebook for Business seminar Attended ACSA’s annual Conference


    • Attended ACSA’s annual Conference
    • Committee Sport’s Head for Volleyball, Badminton and Squash for Newman College


Youth Expo
Youth Expo
    • Attended Youth Expo
    • Attended ACSA’s annual Conference
    • Victorian State Representative for ACSA